Tuesday, 13 October 2015

'Very Strange Things' - Revised Main Cast Bios (13/10/2015)

In line with the retooled pilot and bible, I wish to update the bios for our four main characters.

Dan Clancy: Our protagonist; a self-styled man of action, the ‘coolest guy in the room’ sort, and armed with a fine and adept mind. Sporting a wide brim hat and a flowing leather coat, he is clearly a hero cut from the mold of Eastwood, but with a bit more in way of spark to be expected from your standard cartoon action star, as well as a sense of wit.  

Underneath his brashness though lies a fierce intelligence, strong concern for those around him, and a manic desire to see right be done. However, all this bravura hides a secret that even Dan himself is not fully aware of, and to which he owes his unique abilities, and one that will permanently change the dynamic between him, Risa and Heidi as it forces him to re-evaluate who he is and what he stands for, and comes to terms with a tragic event that made him the man he is now..

Risa Velton: Dan's partner, herself a new member of Britain’s regular secret services. She is very spirited and feisty, but is no one’s fool, certainly not Dan's by any stretch, and a dab hand with technology. She's a fast thinker, an active girl but with a definite sweet tooth as identified by her love of cakes. Of course, her drive for justice is partly brought by a less than tender past with her own family that has incited in her a ferocious desire for self-sufficiency, as well as that need to think on her feet and be dependable in a way her own parents could not be.

Heidi Clairemont: The stern woman in charge of the Bureau and former field agent/companion of Dan Clancy, with whom she has a seemingly relationship, being rather lacking in tolerance for his flippancy. Despite her matter of fact exterior and fierce desire for efficiency and effectiveness from her agents, she still harbours feelings for Dan, with whom she has many fond, even personal, memories that will soon come back to haunt them.

Rucard: Dan's brother and the primary antagonist for Season 1. He is a supremely intelligent and conniving criminal mastermind who is also rather unnerved by his brother’s lack of ‘remembrance’ in the first episode, and decides to set that straight in his own vicious, cruel way. Suave, sophisticated and well dressed, Rucard is all class, as well as a dab hand with technology, a fiercely commanding showman, and utterly ruthless in pursuing whatever his goals may be.

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