Friday, 18 March 2016

'Very Strange Things' - Concept art for Leads, Revised 1 (18/3/2016)

The round of rewrites on Miracles is complete, with another due to begin before too long (always refining, after all). In the meantime, I've engaged the incomparable Luke Ceranic to once again draw more concept art, this time experimenting with different styles for the show as well as being more conscious of animation budget and demands.

Here's the first such test:

This one is decidedly on the cuter side, built from more basic shapes and reining in the details. Not bad, in my humble view, but a bit at odds tonally with the show's more edgier, dynamic content, perhaps being a little too round.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

'Very Strange Things' - Rewrites begin Anew (8/3/2016)

So, taking cues from recent feedback, as well as my meeting with Alan Robinson, I decided to begin the fourth (now probably fifteenth or sixteenth overall) rewrite of Time of Miracles, the show's pilot. The emphasis will be mainly on reduction, cutting out unneeded 'fat and bloat' from the script, such as overlong or overcomplicated action, any rambling dialogue, excessive detail in the action lines that doesn't help the animator or the storytelling and anything that may hinder making a good first impression.

This should take no more than a few days, maybe three or four, alongside some recent punch ups I've done to the series bible.