Saturday, 25 April 2015

'Very Strange Things' - First Read Through coming soon (25/4/15)

So today had a good sit down with Keith and we discussed where things were going, given that there's an indefinite delay on the recording of the audio version of the pilot. On top of some welcome reassurance of the enthusiasm of our chosen performers, as well as a potential back up in the event we cannot gain access to CRC, he also stated he would like the get a first read through of the script with the cast and myself in attendance in the coming month.

Naturally, this is good news, as it will be both fun and very educational for me as a practicing writer to be able to hear my actors perform and maybe experiment with my script, as well as bring us one step closer on the road to this show seeing the light of day in some format. Of course, given the uncertainty of this and the final recording, updates will still remain sporadic unfortunately, but well, that's the nature of the creative arts for you.

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