Monday, 17 October 2016

'Agents In Odd' - Pilot Undergoing Second Draft (17/10/2016)

First, yes, I abbreviated the title of the show. Wanted to make it a little snappier.

Now, onto the important stuff: a second draft of the new pilot, In Red There's Doom, is about to get underway, once I do the evaluation. I aim to get this knocked out in about a week or so, and really expand on the core premise, heavily rooted in real psychology concerning colour, as well as amp up the thrills within a confined location.
I truly do feel reinvigorated and very inspired by the long overdue change up of ideas. Hopefully, it will stay strong.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

'Very Strange Things', Retitled (6/10/2016)

So, after a good near two years, the time has finally come: the series needs a name change.

Firstly, because a certain Netflix show has a very similar title, which just won't fly with potential producers, and second, because honestly, the title is a little on the vague side. Very Strange Things just doesn't sound terribly exciting, and it's not even that clear as to what the show aspires to be. In children's programming, you want something attractive and informative, letting them know what they are in for and if that interests them.

The series will now be called Agents In Oddities. Work on the first draft of the new pilot, now titled In Red, There's Doom, began on Monday, and I aim to get more done over the coming weeks. More updates are to come.