Thursday, 23 March 2017

'Agents In Odd' - Change in Plans (24/3/2017)

Once again, progress has slowed (though gotten some good notices) and with my life taking a different direction, it's time for Agents In Odd to take another little rest. As with last year's hiatus, this is not intended as definite, nor a sign of abandonment. I am still very commited to what is, arguably, my most personal and longest running project. Through MI4 and Very Strange Things, Agents has followed me throughout my development as a creative mind and I would never dream of abandoning it.

That said, as I get knee deep into my Masters Degree in Screenwriting, I have to be realistic and explore other options. All the imagination in the world won't matter without decent credits or better business acumen and ability. That's what I hope to get out my time at Met Film School, based out of the famous Ealing Studios.

The game plan, for now, is to study and build opportunies/contacts while there, and begin potential rewrites and even a rethink of both pilot and bible sometime in the summer and/or the autumn. By then, I should have a better idea of where I want to go, what other projects will or won't be happening, and how I can fit Agents in with all of the craziness. That said, I do have one more surprise still to come on here before the hiatus kicks in, so stay tuned...

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