Saturday, 21 February 2015

'Very Strange Things' - Recording Delays (21/2/2015)

Sadly, due to personal circumstances beyond the control of me and my collaborators, the much anticipated recording of the pilot script, Town of Miracles, has been delayed. A genuine shame as, if you recall from earlier posts, we were aiming to be rehearsed and recorded around this time of this month, and it was just not to be. Unfortunately, issues came up and meant that the redrafted script could not be completed, rehearsals could not be planned, nor could an agreement be reached with Camden Radio to sort out recording space, mainly down to a lack of time.

However, I´m still amazed this even got so far as to have such a committed collaboration and options, and I greatly look forward to getting things back on track now that said affairs are starting to settle down. Fingers crossed, we should be up and running again in the next month or so!

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