Monday, 7 September 2015

'Very Strange Things' - Back to Fighting Form! (7/9/2015)

Right then, returned from my holiday in Northern Spain greatly re-energised and roaring to go! Of course this begs the question, go where? Well as I briefly mentioned last time, after straining my mental faculties to great length, I came to the conclusion that Town of Miracles simply needed to be rewritten to cut down elements I felt inappropriate or lackluster rather than scrap the whole thing. I feel the different atmosphere and mood while abroad has given me some distance, especially given the rather poor luck that V.S.T. has endured in recent times as you may recall, to think my options through properly.

Now re-titled more fittingly as The Time Of Miracles, the pilot is the process of going through its sixth draft (first of this revised incarnation) and that should be completed by week's end, with possibly a seventh shortly thereafter. Changes will include toning down the morbidity of the subject matter, as well as up the ante on the action and thrill factor, and punching up the banter between Dan and Risa. I'll also be tweaking the series bible as well, changing up and expanding the episode count and variety which I felt, upon reflection, was very repetitious and samey in style.

Fingers crossed, more news is to come, as hopefully will be more fun concept art courtesy of the amazing Mr. Ceranic!

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