Monday, 12 September 2016

'Very Strange Things' - Rethink, Reduce, Rewrite (12/9/2016)

Well, after sometime, it's time for another update. So, after a much needed rest over in Spain, I had a chance to really re-evaluate the project and especially, the pilot. For sometime now, even after all the rewrites and effort, something hadn´t been sitting right with me concerning the Miracles story. It had a lot of elements I really liked, and felt it gave a clear indication of what kind of show I wanted to create, but its Achilles heel was that, as the scope increased, so would a potential budget.

So now, I needed to find a story that was imaginative, yet far more cost effective and more friendly towards potential studios and production companies. I´m currently hammering out a treatment for a contained story concerning a phantom vehicle that should up the suspense, the mystery and the investigative prowess of our leads. I will also not be as madly focused on it as I had been with the many versions of Miracles. Instead, I will work on it more gradually, properly shaping and honing it to my standards in order to make it stronger.

Updates will be coming...

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