Thursday, 28 April 2016

'Very Strange Things' - Slow Right Now (28/4/2016)

Yes yes, it's been a while. Alas, real life sometimes must take precedence over one's dreams and delusions of grandeur...

So, what's the status? Right now, it's a whole lot of waiting and seeing. Dear old Luke has his hands full, so it'll be decidedly dry on the concept art front for a while, and right now the V.S.T bible and pilot are being reviewed by about four different production companies, having just been declined by another two in the last week, including one over in Canada. It's also been submitted to Amazon Studios twice, who after a good while each time (almost two weeks the first, and just under a week the second), decided not to pursue it either.

However, these do not deter me and are the simple realities of wanting to work in the industry. Rejection is simply another part of the process, and I remain optimistic as ever. In the meantime, I've been contacting various production companies from writing work, and if you'd like to learn more about my other creative endeavours, visit my main blog here. Most recently I attended a fun little workshop for musicals, and have a few other things on the boil.

2016 will prove to quite an interesting year, if all goes well...

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