Tuesday, 23 June 2015

'Very Strange Things' - Pilot Overhaul and the immediate future (23/6/15)

And now that I've had my time to mourn Keith, who will be very, very deeply missed, I'm doing what he would most wish me to: get off my backside and back to work! And, as you've gathered from the title, it's quite a doozy...

The Town of Miracles, along with the original second episode, Coney: Island of Secrets, have been scrapped as the openers for V.S.T. The decision was not made lightly or without hesitation, as a lot of work went into both and I had a great deal of enthusiasm and hope for them. However, upon re-evaluating them, as well as weighing up my present options for trying to get them produced, or at least pitched, in some capacity, they just don't cut it. Subject matter wise, they may be a little too dark for children (the first episode deals heavily with death, medical care and resurrection, while the second deals with underhanded property development, vagrancy and, as you've guessed from the name, freaks), as well as the American locale of the second episode being a bit of a betrayal of the series predominantly British setting and roots.

This is not to say I want to dilute or dumb down the series: my mission statement was to create a kids show with an edge, a 'meat' lacking in a lot of the more light, bright and zanier shows on the airwaves right now. I still want a show to both excite and even unsettle the young audience a little, but I feel Town and Coney are no longer up to the job. I currently have a few ideas and outlines tossing about as replacements for the two, which should not only prove to be superior, but more appropriate and viable.

Also, it's not all doom and gloom: aside from the fun and challenge of retooling the show again, my good bud Luke Ceranic is currently working on more concept art for the series, which will be posted up here in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I made a promise to Keith, before he passed, that I would see this project through to the bitter end, and I can assure all of you reading this entry, that my resolve has never been stronger or more determined. If you want a dream, go out and get it.

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