Saturday, 21 March 2015

'Very Strange Things' - The Interim Years between 'M.I.4' and 'V.S.T' (21/3/15)

So, I´ve talked about how this whole shebang started as a Deviantart serial called M.I.4 Adventures, and then how it fizzled out and was resurrected in 2014 as what would become Very Strange Things. However, something I hadn't addressed before is what happened during the downtime between the two versions of Dan and Risa.

The truth is, really, not much: I was busy with college getting my BTEC in media, as well as preparing for University and considering a career in regular filmmaking as opposed to writing (at that point, my career path was leaning more towards director and editor). However, the show would pop back in my mind every now and then, usually in a rota of about three, four months give or take, often focusing on perhaps reviving it on DA. I would have a few thoughts on maybe finishing the Splinters arc and give the series closure, and then it would fade away.

I did try to re-enter serial writing with a new series in 2012 called War's Toybox, but this only lasted a prologue and the first chapter before pressures from University and a lack of faith in the material (little more than a tacky hybrid of V for Vendetta and Mad Max in a steampunk world), and would not enjoy the surprising longevity that M.I.4 had wrought. Frankly, all these years later, I´m still amazed my younger, less attentive self had so much patience to be able to write a good two and half seasons of material without much of a break. Who says all teens are lazy?

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