Saturday, 31 January 2015

'Very Strange Things' - Expanded Character Profile: Heidi Clairemont (31/1/2015)

And continuing from the past few weeks, I offer your dear viewers yet another expanded profile. This time, for one of the programme´s key supporting players: Dan´s superior and head of ´The Bureau´, Heidi Clairemont.

Age: 40
Gender: Female.
Species: Fox, Orange.
Description: The woman in charge of the Bureau and former field agent/companion of Dan (More on that as the series progresses). Despite her matter of fact exterior and usual intolerance of Dan´s slick routine as ´unprofessional´and ´reckless´, she still harbours feelings for Dan with whom she had had many fond, even very personal, memories.When he begins to remember, she is forced into an uncomfortable position, and has to revisit ´the day when it all changed´. But is she strong enough to let the wounds of the past heal?

Conception:While seemingly just another take on the ´M´style secret agent boss, gradually, Heidi becomes more and more the emotional core of the show, and her relationship with Dan ends up having a huge influence on how the rest of the series plays out. As I´ve mentioned before, despite all the action and monsters, Very Strange Things is, at its core, a show about relationships, with the related choices and consequence, both of which she and Dan have to face up to. Despite her age, she still has a very youthful quality, both personality wise as well as mentally, and there exist people out there, well into senior years, who have never fully faced up to past fears and doubts, which in turn gives the parents watching the show with their children something to chew on a little closer to them.

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