Saturday, 10 January 2015

'Very Strange Things' - Audio Update & Submission history (10/1/2015)

First off, not much new on the audio front. Keith is nearly finished with the radio-centric version, and we are waiting to hear back from a few people to determine when we can get to rehearsing.

And now, onto today´s little write up: submission history. This is easily one of the simplest yet also most frustrating aspects of being a first time writer. Sure, there´s the thrill of submitting your pilot to a big professional production company or competition, as many a success story has touted, and being accepted with open arms. Naturally, the reality is less glamorous: rejections, polite no thank yous, and then just straight up never hearing another word again. Ever. At All.

It´s easy to paint these individuals as the villains, but really, can you blame them for being so stringent? They get hundreds if not thousands of submissions every day, so that´s a lot of work for the poor old secretaries and clerks to have to sift through to find anything from a newcomer, if they even allow it in the first place. And well, let´s be frank: not everyone is destined to be the next Miyazaki or Lasseter, now are they?

So, how have my own efforts gone? So far, I´ve submitted the pilot, as I´ve briefly mentioned before, in an earlier form (The Black Bells) to the BBC Writersroom when they had a work opportunity for Children´s Television. The current version (The Town of Miracles) has been submitted to the Red Planet Prize, Stage 32 Happy Writers, and early discussions, purely about submission requirements, have been emailed to the likes of Cosgrove Hall (most famous for Dangermouse), Absolutely Cuckoo, Slurpy Studios and Qudos Animations.

Furthermore, thanks to a contact on the audio team, I have also sent off a complete package to another Children´s Animation production company this past Tuesday. I cannot disclose who they are right now, but they have had a hand in a number of beloved childrens´programming over the past decade, and I feel my creations would be in good hands with them. So right now, fingers crossed and break a few legs!

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