Saturday, 29 November 2014

'Very Strange Things' - Preparing for Cast Readthrough of Pilot script (29/11/2014)

Some major news: there will be a demo cast reading/recording of the pilot script, The Town of Miracles, courtesy of a good friend and co-worker of mine, Keith Matthews, who also has a wealth of theatre experience. Over the next few weeks, he will be sending the script out to some of his actor associates, and has already been breaking down the script to prepare for the reading, as you can see.

Also to help, I gave him some more concept art for the characters in the pilot (more on that in future posts, so be aware) to help the actors with developing their personas and takes on the characters, which he stapled alongside copies of the full script. The reading is due to take place sometime after Christmas to enable both casting and time for rehearsals before the big day, so expect an update on this sometime in January.

I am incredibly excited about this, dear reader: aside from Keith's tremendous kindness, what's wonderful is that I'm going record the show, and use it later for a potential animatic of the episode. With that, I could give potential producers a better idea of how the episode would feel and look, instead of just relying on the script alone to do all the work. So, fingers crossed!

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